If you are applying for a spouse visa, the very first thing to do is to read the Immigration rules  and


The  Directorate instructions can be found at It’s also worthwhile to go through the Maintenance and Accommodation guidance at You can find all required documentation at A brief document list can also be found at


Sorry for starting the thread with so many links to documentation, I suggest everyone go through them carefully as every case is different. Also I am not including any information that can be found in guidance notes or application form like photograph’s basic requirements or approved English language test centres etc, you must be able to get these information easily.


There is no document that is right or wrong. There is no document that is more or less. Its up to to you to decide how much documentation you want to provide. Below are the list of documents I enclosed along with my wife’s application. I did make a few references to the Immigration rules so the case worker is aware of it. Me and my wife made an application as if she would be more or less dependent on me for her initial travel and stay in the UK and can work if need be.


General Documents

·         Covering Letter from Applicant

·         Fully filled VAF4A application and Sponsorship form (su07/01)

·         Sponsor Letter and sponsors Job prospects in the UK

·         TB Report and Chest X-Raynaresh.pai    



The Application form and covering letter are mandatory document. I sent a sponsor letter containing my employment and our relationship details. I also had to include Sponsorship form(SU07/01) as VFS Bangalore asked for it. If you are from India, you won’t need to do a health check-up or TB Test as per I had already got this done for my wife before finding out, so included it with my application as an additional doc.

I will possibly post the contents of Cover Letter and Sponsor letter shortly. Please make sure that you fill the latest version of the VAF4A form carefully and honestly. Don’t write anything that is not appropriate or required.


Applicant’s and Sponsor’s Identification

Immigration Rules Part 8, Paragraph 281((i)(a)(i), (ii),  (iii))

·         Applicant’s Birth Certificate (Original)

·         Applicant’s Passport (Original – both current and Previous)

·         Sponsor’s Passport (Notarised Copy)

·         Sponsor’s Passport Driving License and NI Card(Notarised Copy)

·         Sponsor’s PR confirmation Letter (Original)


Notes :

Applicants passport and sponsors passport copy and ILR confirmation letter are mandatory documents. I supplied my UK driving license as additional proof of identity. I got my passport and driving license notarised by Notary Public in UK(cost me approx £100). I also provided a photocopy of my NI card as my NI number was provided in the application form.

My wife’s birth certificate was also an additional document. Make sure everything is in English.


 English Language Requirement

Immigration Rules Part 8, Paragraph 281((i)(a)(i), (i)(a)(ii))

·         KET – English Language Certificate

·         Applicant’s Educational Qualification – Original Degree Certificate – both Bachelors and Masters.

·         Letter from University.


My wife passed her KET exam conducted by CambrigeESOL. We decided to go for the exam even though her degree was thought in English and was in the list of approved universities by UK NARIC. As an additional document we got and letter from the university that her degree was thought in English(this document is not required).


Evidence of Marriage

Immigration Rules Part 8, Paragraph 281((i)(a)(i), (ii))

·         Original Marriage Certificate

·         Engagement Invitation, Engagement snaps, Caterer’s payment and Banquet hall receipt

·         Wedding Invitation, Wedding snaps, Caterer’s payment and Banquet hall payment receipt

·         Honeymoon booking details and snaps

·         Sponsor’s Air Tickets – Travel for Engagement and Marriage


Marriage Certificate, Wedding Invitation and a few snaps are the Only mandatory documents. I decided to breakdown the evidence into various categories as above. I decided to bundle proofs for my engagement, wedding and post marriage details separately. I also included my flight tickets used to travel for my engagement and wedding.


Evidence of Subsisting Relationship

Immigration Rules Part 8, Paragraph 281((i)(a)(i), (iii))

·         Itemised Phone Bill (Applicant’s and sponsor’s)

·         Email communication (Applicant’s and sponsor’s)

·         Facebook screen dumps (Applicant’s and sponsor’s)

·         Consent letter from Applicant’s and Sponsor’s Parents.


There is nothing mandatory in this section. I had only 2 months duration between my engagement and wedding so provided itemised bills, some imp emails exchanged between us. I also included a colour printout of our Facebook homepage which has “Married To” section along with our profile picture. As an additional document I took a No Objection letter or Consent letter my both of our parents.



Immigration Rules Part 8, Paragraph 281((iii), (iv), (v)) &  MAA6; MAA8; MAA11; MAA12; MAA13

·         Latest Council Tax renewal receipt (Original)

·         Latest Rental agreement – renewal letter (Original)

·         Independent property inspection report – Accommodation Certificate

·         Sponsor’s Utility Bills  – Gas and Electricity bill, Water bill (Original)

·         No Objection Letter from Landlord

·         No Objection letter from Shared tenant


All documents above is more or less mandatory. I was advised not to provide too many documents, hence I provided only one utility bill(latest) and one council tax renewal notice(latest). I live in a two bedroom apartment and shared my flat with a friend and the word “Exclusively” was worrying. Hence I had to get a Accommodation certificate from local council to prove that there would be adequate space in the house after she comes here(I paid £200 for this). I also attached a No Objection letter from my landlord and other tenant.


Financial Security and Income

Immigration Rules Part 8, Paragraph 281((iii), (v)) &  MAA5; MAA8

·         Sponsor’s Bank statements – 6 months

·         Sponsor’s Payslips – 6 months

·         Sponsor’s Employers Certificate

·         Sponsor’s P60 – Last 3 year

·         Applicant’s bank statements  – 6 months


I provided exactly 6 months of bank statements and payslips (I was advised not to provide more than that). I attached a letter from my employer confirming the salary and employed in my current organization. I included 3 years P60 to prove I had been employed continuously and also progressed throughout. My wife’s bank statement was an additional proof.


I clipped each of the above bundles separately with a cover page for each section. These section wise cover page had details specific to documents in that section and which immigration rule it adheres to. It is important to instruct the application that the VFS executive do not jumble the document whilst submitting.


I understand that we all are curious to know the progress on our application and we all want our application to be processed ASAP, but there is very little we can do abt this. Its best to have a look at the average time lines to process a particular visa for a consulate in your region and expect it to take as many days as it takes for 90% of application’s take.


I am just collating all information I used in my case as most of these details are already available in various places in various forms. The details in this post does not guarantee a successful visa but is just guidance. I would like to thank administrators / moderators and support staffs supporting this Immigration Boards website as it’s a THANKLESS job and usually gets unnoticed.


Finally, for all the above efforts, my wife got her visa in 6 working days (that is the quickest I know off). 


Hope you find the article helpful and All the very best for your application

UK Spouse Visa



    • Hello Shankari,
      Many thanks for going through the blog and hope it helped.

      I applied for my wife’s visa 2.5 years back and cant be sure if I will have them. However, I have given a rough guideline for creation of Cover Letter and Sponsor Letter, but this something you will have to personally write based on your circumstance and situation. There are some in immigrationboards which are helpful reference although I created one myself.

      All the best,

  1. Hi Naresh,

    I’d like to ask if we need to get the certified copy of the documents required for UK spouse(settlement) visa to be legalised by FCO in the UK ? if yes, when my partner sends the documents to me , should i get the sponsor’s certified and legalised documents to be endorsed by Brtitish High commission in my(applicant) home country?

    Thank you very much,



    • Hello Nadia,
      I did not have to legalise any of my document by FCO. I just got few documents like my passport and Driving license notarized with Notary public before I sent them to my spouse in India.

      Hope that Helps.

      Best Regards,

      • Hi Naresh,

        Thank you so much for answering my question. We are still gathering all the documents.If its not too much, i need more help from you actually to answer a few questions regarding the visa application since you’ve done the application successfully.Below are my queries;

        1.As for the sponsorship undertaking form SU07/12 , does the sponsor have to fill in online using the applicant’s account and then print it and sign it before sending it to the applicant? or does the sponsor print the form from the UKVI website and then fills it manually(handwriting),sign it and send to the applicant?

        2. I’ll be submitting all the original supporting documents except for sponsor’s passport which is a copy of each page of the sponsor’s passport (certified and legalised already) ,since ill be submitting the original documents, can i get the originals to be notarised at the solicitors”/local notary or is it enough the supporting documents like bank statements,payslips,council tax statement be stamped by the bank, employers, city council to prove its authenticity? can i even get the original to be notarised in the first place since this worries me the water bill and some other docs meant for accomodation evidence cant be stamped by issuing office?

        3. I am the applicant and i’ve graduated in the year 2012, and ive been unemployed ever since until now,instead i was doing a year of clinical attachment in local university hospital in my country until i got married recently(october 2014),thats where i decided to quit the 2nd year of my attachment with the university hospital, so i gave the university hospital a release letter to inform them that i’d like to discontinue the attachment,and have been absence from the attahcment even a month before i got married but it’s very hard for me to get a release letter from the authorities (med/dental council and the uni hospital) to confirm my absence of leave since they will only respond upon a meeting held every 6 months.. should i still give my bank statements(not much money, almost empty actually as i am being funded by my parents during my attachment) and also submit the offer letter to do attachment in the uni hospital as proof of employment and studies?or just dont submit anything at all?should i still fill the application form appendix 2 VAF4A or my sponsor fills it?

        4. my husband being the sponsor used to work in hospital A(august 2013-2014) and now he is working in hospital B(august 2013-2014)both are NHS hospitals,will it count as the same employer or two different employers?in his payslips,the name of the issuer is of hospital A when he was working in hospital A and so on…is he in category A or B?

        5. in the guidelines, it says that you cannot submit the docs that are earlier than 28 days, do this apply to the payslips and bank statements and letter from bank and employer only or it applies to the whole supporting documents?

        6. Is it enough he gives his water bill statement since his gas and electricity are prepaid? how many months of utility bills required(he moved to a new apartment in august 2014)

        7. how do you book for an appointment with the VFS global since they barely answer the phone, do u send your documents to your spouse first in India then you apply online then your spouse go to VFS global to book the appointment and submit docs on her appointment with VFS??? i cant seemm to book the appointment on VFS website since the only available option is to book premium appointment service?

        I really hope you can help me to answer the questions above, thanks again.



  2. Hi Naresh,

    Thanks for the detailed info on the visa application. Although there wasn’t a lot of restrictions during the time you applied for visa, you have done a meticulous job. But right now, since the tightening of Immigration rules since April 2015, it is expected to submit every document you have listed here and in some cases even more.

    My first application got rejected due to insufficient evidences on proving our relationship and on the accommodation part. I am now ready to apply again. My application is almost similar to yours now. Hopefully I will get my visa very soon.

    Your post is one of the most helpful ones out there.

    Thanks for taking time to do this.


    • Hello Nandhini,
      Really encouraging words, glad the post was helpful. I will try to do some research and see if I can update my Blog with Latest Rules.

      Best Regards,

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